Dr. Campbell

Richard Campbell, D.O.

Dr. Campbell has been actively practicing the art of Family Medicine for 35 years. He retired from a large rural practice in Wyoming at the end of 2009 and transitioned to hospital medicine at North Colorado Medical Center in Greeley Colorado. In rural Wyoming Dr. Campbell had a full family medicine practice, caring for patients in the clinic, hospital, and emergency department as well as the delivery of over 1,000 babies.

Dr. Campbell was a member of the Wyoming Board of Medicine from 1987 to 1992 and served as the president for one year. He was the Governor's choice for rural practitioner of the year in 2005, was Chief of Staff at Community Hospital in Torrington, Wyoming for several years, and was honored as the physician of the decade for Wyoming in 1990 for his work and dedication to EMS (Emergency Medical Services) state wide.

Dr. Campbell holds licenses to practice medicine in Colorado, Wyoming, Nebraska, and Arizona. He is Board Certified by, and a member of, the American College Of Osteopathic Family Physicians and is a member of the Society of Hospital Medicine.

As a DO, Dr. Campbell holds the same license as an MD to treat patients, prescribe medication, and perform surgery. However, there are some differences you may notice about an Osteopathic Physician:

"Whole Person" Approach
DOs practice a "whole person" approach to medicine. Instead of just treating you for specific symptoms or illnesses, they regard your body as an integrated whole.
Preventative Healthcare
Osteopathic physicians focus on preventive health care, helping you to stay healthy.
Musculoskeletal System Training
DOs receive additional training in the musculoskeletal system - your body's interconnected system of nerves, muscles, and bones that makes up two-thirds of your body mass. This training provides osteopathic physicians with a better understanding of how an illness or injury in one part of your body can affect other parts.

At Seek Health, Dr. Campbell plans to offer several different direct pay services to people in downtown Denver that already have a primary physician and a health plan.

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Seek Health offers daytime appointments for treating minor health problems in Downtown Denver, CO.