Osteopathic manipulative treatment, or OMT, is hands-on care. It involves using the hands to diagnose, treat, and prevent illness or injury. Using OMT, Dr. Campbell will move your muscles and joints using techniques including stretching, gentle pressure, and resistance. OMT can help people of all ages and with a variety of health problems. The treatment can be used to ease pain, promote healing and increase overall mobility. OMT is often used to treat muscle pain. However it can also help patients with a number of other health problems such as: asthma, sinus disorders, carpal tunnel syndrome, migraines, and menstrual pain. When appropriate, OMT can complement - and even replace - drugs or surgery. In this way, OMT brings an important addition to standard medical care. You can make an appointment to see Dr. Campbell for Osteopathic Manipulative Treatment. An OMT visit would be a 30-minute visit and include recommendations on how to prevent reoccurrence if at all possible and suggestions for lifestyle changes or exercises to keep you pain free.


Dr. Campbell will offer his uninterrupted time to discuss and educate people about their personal health issues and challenges. His goal is to help patients escape the feelings of fear and inadequacy when trying to navigate through the medical world upon receiving a diagnosis or prognosis. He wishes to help then develop a plan that allows them to confidently select appropriate treatment options that they can understand.

In today's medical world, being dictated by government mandates and insurance company payment programs, the average physician has approximately 11 minutes to tell a patient they have an illness or disease and discuss an appropriate plan for work up and treatment of that particular problem. This forces many patients to seek information on the Internet, through websites or blogs. Without medical education, this flood of information becomes overwhelming. The individual often gives up or becomes frightened by some negative information and stops researching. They meekly follow medical advice not knowing if this treatment plan could have been individualized to achieve a superior result.

To make appropriate medical decisions about their care, people first needs information concerning their disease or symptom. They also should develop appropriate questions to ask the specialists and their medical team. The goal is to achieve the best possible result for any disease process. This takes education and more time than the usual working physician has to offer any one patient. During your appointment Dr. Campbell will review your records, medical history and talk to you about lifestyle and options for treatment. You will be armed with the necessary information to discuss your treatment options with your medical team and make intelligent decisions about your care.


In downtown Denver Dr. Campbell is hoping to provide a quick, easy alternative to having to leave work and drive to see your doctor in the suburbs for something that comes up during your busy day. On the days that he is available at the office, he will provide quick, basic, affordable care for those who need to get their health back on track, see if they have something serious, or be treated for a minor illness. The clinic will offer several rapid lab tests such as urine, strep, flu and will be able to electronically send prescriptions. Seek Health is a direct pay clinic designed to give you an appointment where minimum time will be spent waiting to see the doctor. Our convenient California location downtown just off the 16th Street mall, is accessible by walking, biking, taking one of the free shuttles, or the light rail. Seek Health is a direct pay medical practice that is designed to treat patients who are generally healthy, with few chronic diseases but who need quick convenient medical care.

Seek Health is also designed to educate patients, explain disease processes and possible treatment programs so that the patient can then return to their own physicians to decide which programs they are interested in following. Seek Health has no desire to replace or interfere with the already established patient-physician relationship. Rather we wish to provide the patient the time to be able to ask questions, understand the anatomy and disease process so that they can return to their personal physician with the confidence that the treatment programs recommended are the best possible for them.
At Seek Health we do not accept insurance nor is the practice included on health plans. By being a direct pay practice we can to keep our costs down, provider individual service without rushing and tailor your needs in care and wellness. Please see our rates & financial policy (below) for pricing and payment information.

Rates & Financial Policy


A complete fee list will be available at the clinic. Pricing will be based upon Physician time and the needs of the patient. All labs and out of office testing will be billed to the patient by the facilities performing the labs or tests. You should bring a copy of your insurance card to the clinic so that it can be sent to the testing facilities. Here is an example of our pricing schedule:

A typical uncomplicated (sick) visit - $80
A longer visit with pre-existing problems - $150
Osteopathic Manipulation (OMT): 2-4 regions - $80
Osteopathic Manipulation (OMT): 4+ regions - $120
Education Consult 1 hour - $250

Payment will be accepted as cash, checks or credit/debit cards.

Financial Policy

This information is provided to acquaint you with the financial policies of Seek Health. Dr. Campbell wishes to establish clear payment understanding with his patients so that both he and the patient can focus on the real issues of health and wellness.
Seek Health is a direct pay medical practice. In this private practice, Dr. Campbell does not participate with any health plan, including Medicare and Medicaid. You will pay for the visit at the time you are seen at the clinic. You will be given a "superbill" at the end of the visit detailing what was done, including appropriate codes for the visit and any procedures or testing done. This will include appropriate ICD-10 diagnosis codes, which went into effect on October 1, 2015. You can submit this "superbill" to your insurance company and may receive some reimbursement directly from your insurance company for the visit and procedures/tests. Dr. Campbell would be considered "out of network provider" for your insurance, and the amount they will pay to you will be based on your plan and how they pay benefits. You may want to visit your Insurance web site to review out of network benefits and see how you submit a claim. The superbill from Seek Health can be used for your Flexible Benefit plan or HSA (Health Savings Account). Dr. Campbell will not send any bills for his services.

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